Mod list for Heartwood Farm

The following mods are currently installed on Heartwood Farm. The name of each mod links to a page where it can be downloaded. Each number in the “Streams” column links to the archived video of the stream in which I introduced that mod. Mods with icons are my own mods or those I have contributed to.

Stardew Valley1.5.11
New crops, recipes, machines and objects
Ancient Crops2.1.341
Ancient Crops - Custom Icons - BAGI Add-On1.0.1n/a
Artisan Valley3.0.201
Artisan Valley - CustomCaskMod Add-On3.0.2n/a
Fantasy Crops1.4.51
Flower Bombs1.0.17
Fruits and Veggies2.0.141
Gervig91's Furniture1.10.14
Industrial Furnace1.5.034
Mizu's Flowers1.6.71
Monster Crops1.2.333
More Recipes1.9.1215
More Trees1.6.101
Non-Lethal Weapons1.0.130
Portable TV1.2.1-alpha.026
Scrying Orb1.4.0-alpha.07
New locations, events, festivals and channels
East Scarpe1.5.44
Festival of the Mundane1.1.214
Happy Birthday2.1.29
Mineral Mage1.0.14
Public Access TV1.4.0-alpha.07
Stardew Aquarium1.2.032
Theft of the Winter Star1.0.021JA portion only
Train Station1.0.832
TV gardening channel1.1.11
Custom NPCs
Jacob and Eloise1.0.128
Jasper1.2.916turn off FarmCaveChange
Juliet and Jesse the Joja Clerks1.0.2new!
Mister Ginger1.5.115
NPC overhauls and interactions
Clint Narrative Overhaul (CP)1.0.07
Diverse Stardew Valley with SVO1.2.63config.json
Immersive Characters - Shane2.3.416
Part of the Community1.1.6-31
Ranch Expansion - Marnie and Jas1.4.015
Sexy Hairy Clint1.31
Tell Everyone (Town Gossip)1.014
Farm customization
Aurelio's Revamped Cellar1.0.2future
Customize Exterior1.0.738
DaisyNiko's Tilesheets1.4.01
Elle's Seasonal Buildings1.2.31config.json
No Clop - If It's Not a Horse It Shouldn't Gallop1.0.019
No More Nursery1.4.1future
Rolling Hills Farm1.0.31
Unicorn Floatie1.0.018
ZarKiiFreeman's Floor Warps - Vanilla Version2.128
ZarKiiFreeman's Floor Warps - Optional Warps1.5.0n/a
World beautification
Bathhouse Hot Spring (CP)1.0.12modified locally
Cleaner Sewer1.1.125
Climates of Ferngill1.5.121
Dynamic Night Time1.3.61
Hat Mouse House Makeover1.0.417
Rustic Traveling Cart1.3.02
Starblue Valley World Recolor1.4.5.21config.json
Wind Effects1.0.230
Winter Grass2.0.315
Object beautification and fixes
Better Artisan Good Icons1.5.023
Better Artisan Goods1.1.21
Better Artisan Goods Icons Compatibility1.0.0n/a
Better Crops and Foraging3.0.91
Better Gems and Minerals1.0.11
Buyable Dwarf Scrolls1.0.224
Quality of life
Automatic Gates2.3.338
Chef Helper - Add To Fridges1.3.030
Chests Anywhere1.20.01
Custom Chores1.2.1n/a
Custom Chores - Content Packs1.2.0n/a
Help for Hire0.1.133
Horse Whistle1.2.518
Multiplayer Time3.1.014
Non Destructive NPCs1.0.0n/a
Tree Transplant1.0.910
Waterproof Items1.0.028
Interface conveniences and recordkeeping
Daily Screenshot2.0.012
Data Layers1.13.11
Dear Diary1.4.32
Generic Mod Config Menu1.2.030
Lookup Anything1.29.01
NPC Map Locations2.5.12-alpha1
UI Info Suite1.9.1-unofficial.2-Strobe1
Anti-Social NPCs1.0.2n/a
Content Patcher1.19.1n/a
Content Patcher Animations1.1.7n/a
Custom Music1.8.0n/a
Custom NPC Fixes1.2.1n/a
Expanded Preconditions Utility1.0.1n/a
Farm Type Manager1.12.1n/a
Mail Framework Mod1.7.0n/a
Pregnancy Role1.2.0n/a
Producer Framework Mod1.4.1n/a
PyTK - Platonymous Toolkit1.21.0n/a
Shop Tile Framework1.0.9n/a
Stardust Core2.5.2n/a
TMXL Map Toolkit1.22.0n/a